The exhibition of Ivan Marchuk will start in Kiev


In the space of art “Art TsUM” will open a personal exhibition of one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian authors Ivan Marchuk. In the exposition called “Roots”, more than 40 paintings of five author’s cycles of a wide artistic range have been combined. The artist will also offer the viewer a new monumental cycle of works “Colored Preludes”, which is also exhibited for the first time.

Much of the exhibited collection consists of works that traveled around the world over the last few years – they were shown in the leading museums and galleries of Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxemburg, Hungary, Thailand, Tunisia, Jordan and Turkey.

“I love improvisation, but I finish the picture to the micron. As a musician: he wrote a melody, and then it should be arranged, polished … And finally, everyone comes and exclaim: oh, what picture is already ready. No, I say, here you need to draw two thousand pieces. I search for perfection, and if I can not reach it, I am overwhelmed with discomfort. I write at an enormous speed: dozens of smears per second. I work in extraordinary ecstasy. This is only such state, I manage to bring the work to on it would be my trademark, so that without a signature it was visible: this is the art of Marchuk, and more draw, “- tells about his work Ivan Marchuk. The exhibition will run from May 29 to June 27, 2018.