Auroom is a portal designed for everyone – who appreciates and respects contemporary art and artists, for those:

– who considers himself a creative personality

– who loves art in any of his expressions

– who can not breathe without creativity.

If you find yourself among these lines – then you are with us, with Auroom where everyone can declare themselves and feel successful.
It does not matter who you are – the amateur or the outstanding and well-deserved person in art, we provide an opportunity to showcase our talent to the whole world, and to the Lovers – to receive the most interesting and contemporary arts products.
Choose, get aesthetically pleasing and become owners of the arts.

Auroom is a modern instrument with which the Predator reproduces his own aura for a home, office or room.

And yet, this is an artistic portal – on which everyone achieves his goal:

The artists – publicity and demand,

Experts are pleasure and enrichment.

Auroom is a vent.
I would like to thank everyone who inspired the creation of such a platform, who believed in this project and supported it.