Lavrinenko Vyacheslav Ivanovich

Born in Kherson on December 9, 1938. After school, he entered The Art School of Odessa. In 1965 he entered the Kyiv National Art Institute in the Shatalin workshop. He has participated in over 50 exhibitions and auctions in England, France, Spain, USA, his paintings are in private collections and museums of Ukraine. Died on August 14, 2008.

Natalia Kiriluk

Born in Kiev in 1973. There he also received classical artistic education as an artist-graphic artist. Since 2009 he teaches art school number 6. The ability to convey the correct image of the saints allowed her to successfully realize himself not only as an artist, but as a master of the icon painter. In addition to the icons, you can find on our site unusual in style and genre paintings. Her works are interested and bought not only by lovers in Ukraine but also all over the world.



Belyakov Vladimir Alexandrovich

He was born in Kremenchuk in 1947. However, he and his parents moved  in Ivano-Frankivsk  in 1949, where he graduated from the secondary school, he studied in an art studio while studying. After there was the Ivano-Frankovsk Institute of Oil and Gas, and then work in Kiev since 1979. Like many he has childhood hobby – painting. Icon painting became a great amateur hobby of his life.

Lavrinenko Yaroslav Vyacheslavovich

The artist, born in 1970, appeared in the artist’s family, graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Art College, and in 1997 graduated from the Ukrainian National Academy of Arts (Kiev, 1996, workshop V. Shatalin). Member of National Association of Artists of Ukraine since 1997 and began working in Kiev as a designer, teacher of painting and design in higher educational institutions, from 2000-2004 he was a teacher of the department of drawing of the Institute of Construction and Architecture. In creative work from 2014 – the founder and director of the art studio “Kholst”. Participant in all-Ukrainian art exhibitions since 1989. Personal exhibitions in Kyiv (1998, 2006-08). Creating landscapes, still lifes, themed paintings in the impressionistic style, custom-made icons.

Margarita Monets

She was born in Lugansk region in a small mining town. After graduation, she found a school of applied art where she learned to tapestry. At the invitation of the artist, she left to work in Berdyansk, and then with her husband and children to Kiev, where she began to experiment applying her tapestry skills at home, stopping her choice for weaving on fine wool and acrylic yarn. She is interested in everything you can do with your own hands and where you can bring your imagination. So she learned how to wet and dry felting, weave from newspaper tubes, filigree from threads, make ornaments from wire and leaves (skeletonization). She gives pleasure to create beautiful and unusual things, at the same time – practical, which cause joy and a sense of celebration.

Alex Silaumov

Born in Kiev in 1981. Graduated from the art school T.G. Shevchenko in 2006, he graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Architectural faculty. Engaged in design and interior design. The descendant of artists, so the painting went organically – by itself. To the academy, to be honest, was not prepared, the feeling of watercolor came to a subconscious level, felt that it was him, training at the academy gave more pleasure than the feeling of heavy granite science. Interesting materials and unbounded direction – 3D paintings, inspired by the new self-expression Alex, which he was incredibly successful.


Natalia Martyniuk

She was born in Kyiv 1981. As long as she can remember she has painted. In age of two she tried watercolor painting but her heart is in the graphic (pencils, ink, markers). She finished art school at 17 years old. Natalia got an occupation of painter-designer at the NTUU “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” at the Printing and Publishing Faculty. In parallel with art she was interested in book publishing and printing industry. She occupied as a designer post in a small publishing houses and in a big international companies. She likes painting and makes photos in a free time. Once in a while she experiments with materials and their mix on the paper. We can find her own style and artistic identity in every picture. These are beautiful paintings are real inspiration for judge of art of watercolors and graphic. Now these paintings are accessible for us.