The endless landscapes of Gustav Klimt.


No one would ever think of calling Gustav Klimt a famous landscape painter, but he left about fifty landscapes – this is a huge part of his heritage. And these are special landscapes: almost always square, with a very low or very high horizon line, resembling mosaics.

 Golden Apple Tree 1903

In 2017, the landscape of Klimt “The flowering garden” was sold at Sotheby`s for $ 59 million. It is believed that this picture was painted under the impression of Klimt visiting the Van Gogh exhibition. The Blooming Garden was created in 1907, and in 1908, the artist presented his work at the famous historical exhibition Kunstschau in Vienna – along with his Kiss. His landscape became a sensation, revealing a new facet of the master. Two years later, the work was bought by the National Gallery of Prague, where it was located until 1968.

 Apple tree. 1912

We invite you to see some of the landscapes of Klimt, as well as an informative video about them from the Archive project.

 A park. 1910

 Orchard with roses

 Alley in the park of Kammer Palace. 1912

 Peasant garden with sunflowers. 1906

 View of the garden from the top of the hill. 1916

 Beech grove 1902

 Garden with a crucifix at the cottage. 1911

 Sunflower. 1907

 Garden with roosters. 1917