The Dutch museum managed to buy an unknown picture of Rembrandt at the auction.


The unknown picture of the Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rein succeeded in acquiring the Lackenhal Museum in one of the auctions abroad. The purchased canvas will be exposed for public viewing in Leiden, the hometown of the famous painter.

The curator of the paintings of the old masters of the Lacenghal Museum, Christian Vogelar, said about a sensational acquisition without specifying on which auction the picture was bought, and also refused to tell which canvas is said and how it was found that it belongs to Rembrandt’s brush.

It is only known that the painting is being restored, and the public canvas will be presented on November 3 of the following year at the exhibition dedicated to the early work of Rembrandt.

“First of all, we must make sure that the restoration is completed on time and that we have time to study the painting in detail,” Vogelar said. – “At this stage, we can not say anything more”.