Technology augmented reality returned stolen paintings.


Thanks to the magic of technology, a technical start-up has done something that for so many years could not have been done in the FBI. Despite all the efforts of the FBI, the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum in Boston still lacks some precious masterpieces from its collection, stolen back in 1990. But if the investigators could not restore the work, the local technical company seems to have found a solution to the problem. The scientists used the augmented reality of AR to return the lost paintings to the museum, at least virtually.

 Recently, the Boston Startup Cuseum, dedicated to the use of technology to improve the experience of visitors to the museum, introduced the new “Hacking the Heist” supplemented reality application. The application is quite simple: lift the camera phone to the empty frames that are still hanging on the walls of Gardner, and the pictures will suddenly appear where they should be. “When we decided to work more actively with Apple ARKit and AR, one of my employees said:” Would not it be interesting to return the stolen art back to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum? “” Said Brendan Sico, CEO and founder of the Cuseum . “If you visit Gardner today, you will see that many people do not even understand that a robbery occurred here, or they do not know what the stolen works of art looked like.” He described Hacking the Heist as something “stunning and mind-blowing”. “You literally look at the screen and see objects that are not there, and it’s not Pokemon Go, or another video game – it’s culture, it’s real art, something that has such profound meaning.”

About a month ago, one of the suspects in Gardner’s robbery robbery, Robert Gentile, was sentenced to 11 months in prison. Note that he is the last living person who is involved in robbery. The man in every way denies the allegations that he has any information. Today the museum offers a reward of $ 10 million for any information that will help find these works.

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