Miroslav Severov

Born in Kramatorsk on July 17, 1965, but he has lived almost all his life in Kyiv, served 2 years in the army than in 1983 he received a diploma from the Art School. In 1990 he entered the Art Institute at the sculpture, graduated in 1996 with a red diploma from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts.
Since 1993 teaches sculpture at the School of Arts, holds the title of Methodist, participates in the Kyiv and Republican exhibitions. The works of the master’s students often turned out to be better at the level of the capital and exhibited at the Museum of Khahnenkiv, at the Academy of Arts and in other halls of Kiev. In creativity there is an influence of ethnological trend, which is clearly reflected in his own works and works of his students. In addition to the historical and mythological art he likes to draw portraits (with pastel pencils).