“Naked” Amedeo Modigliani put up for auction with a record estimated value of $ 150 mln


The auction house Sotheby’s put up for sale a picture of Amedeo Modigliani “Reclining Nude (on the left side),”

written by an Italian artist in 1917. Experts have estimated the estimated cost of work at $ 150 million: none of the works of art in the history of auctions have been evaluated so highly, writes Artnet.
For example, the canvas of Leonardo da Vinci “The Savior of the World”, which at the end of last year went under the hammer for $ 450 million, before the auction was estimated at $ 100 million, and Picasso’s “Algerian Women” sold for $ 180 million – $ 140 million.
Experts already predict that the picture of Modigliani will become one of the most expensive works of art. In particular, experts say, it will almost certainly beat the previous record for the works of Amedeo Modigliani: in 2015, his other canvas was sold for $ 170 million.
“Reclining Nude (on the left side)” is part of a series of paintings that Modigliani wrote on behalf of his friend Leopold Zborowski. In 1917, these paintings, which are mostly imprinted naked girls, presented at an exhibition in Paris. The authorities considered it to violate the norms of public morality and in a couple of days they closed it.

Source: https://news.artnet.com/market/modigliani-nude-sothebys-record-1272167