Late works of the Tatiany Yablonskoi represented in the capital museum


On February 2, 2018, an exhibition of works by Tatiana Yablonska from the collection of the artist’s family was opened at the Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine. Over 70 works of the late period of the master’s work are presented in the exposition – lyrical landscapes and portraits in painting techniques, as well as its “little masterpieces” – delicate still lifes with flowers on the windowsill, made with a pastel, to which the artist appealed after a stroke.
“… now I came to my own circles.” I feel that I am completely free in my work. I write from windows and near from my house. This “narrowing of the horizon” on the contrary expanded it to me – opened the beauty and poetry where I have not seen them before. Each of us has a window in which Nature looks. ” 
The artist’s family provided not only works but also Tetyana Yablonskaya’s memories and her daughter’s memories – Gayane Atayan, who took part in the organization of the exhibition. These texts reveal the inner world of the artist, her views on creativity, tell about the flares of inspiration and the “elusive dreams” of the creative personality. The exhibition “Listening to yourself” sets the viewer to a sincere, heart-warming conversation with the artist, to meet with true beauty.
“In life, as in a long field, everything was – and joy and grief. In ancient Japan there was a custom: the artist, changing the creative style, took a new name for himself. So I have not been the “Yablonska” that was once a long time … “.
Tetyana Yablonskaya taught at the Kiev Art Institute. Students were very fond of a strict and demanding teacher, and they simply called “Tatiana”. Often, students came to her home to drink tea – they discussed works, plans … And the artist’s studio was in front of the educational building of the institute:
“I really love my workshop. She is in a happy place. Just come in to it, look at the high windows on the old hills – you forget all the life problems and cover you with a sense of calm and harmony with the outside world. In the thirties, when I was a student of the artistic institute, my teacher FG Krichevsky worked in this studio. . After the war, she belonged to AA Shovkunenko, whose assistant I was then. I really like to work in these walls. From the window the facade of my native institution, with which there is so much in my life, looks at me “.
“I like to work alone, alone with nature and my feelings, in silence and peace.” 

For many years Tatyana Nilivna went to rest in Sednev, who called her “third house”. Here, in the picturesque lands of Chernigov region, dozens of sketches were written, which later became the basis of its famous works.