Anatoliy Krivolap’s and Igor Stupachenko’s “Ukrainian Identity” exhibition opened in Kiev


 Anatoliy Krivolap and Igor Stupachenko

June 5 at 7:00 pm in the Kyiv City Art Gallery “Lavra” has opened of an art exhibition “Ukrainian Identity. Anatoliy Krivolap, Igor Stupachenko. Paintings of the Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin “. The exhibition will feature paintings on biblical themes for the Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Lipivka. The compositions are created by the famous Ukrainian painter Anatoly Krivolap, who heads the rating of the most successful Ukrainian artists, along with his colleague, monumental Igor Stupachenko.

The uniqueness of this exhibition is that visitors will be able to see the originals of the paintings that will be mounted in the church building after the exhibition. The exhibition will also feature paintings featuring the origins of an unconventional colored solution of traditional compositions by Anatoly Krivolap. The curators of the exhibition are Olesya Avramenko and Oleksiy Krivolap.

 Anatoly Krivolap

“A rational sense of the world to me is generally unpleasant. I “turn on” it only when I finish the picture. At first, it is a strong sensory release and only in the final, it must be organized mathematically “, – says Anatoly Krivolap.

In the ancient village of Lipivka, Makariv district of the Kyiv region, on the site of the Church of the Intercession, destroyed under Soviet rule, patronage of Bohdan Batruk was built a new temple with the same consecration – Pokrov the Blessed Virgin. The phenomenon of the paintings of the Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lipov is in a special co-ordinated co-creation of artists. Igor Stupachenko devised new technologies, created traditional compositions, preparing a stage series for visual filling of the temple. Anatoliy Krivolap assumed responsibility for the emotional filling of color and the height of the sound of color solutions, for the modern look and reaction to the old wills in the church built in the XXI century.

Bogdan Batruk: “In the colors of Anatoly Krivolap there is a mystery, that is, a mystery. The secret will be when time stops and you find yourself in the original cosmos of being-non-existence. ”

The exhibition will be accompanied by the book of the candidate of art critic Olesya Avramenko “Anatoly Krivolap, Igor Stupachenko. Covert Step I, which tracks, analyzes and accentuates the complex process of the actual solution of the paintings of the newly built church, as well as tells about their creators – from the priest, patron and the artists. The study, as well as in the exhibition itself, deals with the new approaches of artists to the creation of religious compositions and the concept of the functioning of sacred art in the modern world and the artistic creative field. The book outlines the idea of ​​Anatoly Krivolap and Igor Stupachenko and its implementation of the use of the latest materials for the decoration of the temple, as well as the laconicism and synthesis of images created by the artists, and the use of local open colors as the main component of the creation.

Olesya Avramenko, Ph.D., curator of the exhibition: “Anatoliy Krivolap in the paintings of this church concentrated and concentrated on the creative work of his life, in which he tame and tame the passionate acuity of his own attitude. Having an explosive temperament, he embodies it in colored ejections, clusters, and spots that glow and glow, and sometimes blinded by the eyes. He is interested in color for the ability to recreate deep and strong feelings. In the temple of paintings, Krivolap puts an abstract color so that it sounds like pure music deprived of the plot, becoming a driving force in the emotionally elevated reading of sacred compositions. ”

Tatyana Mironova, director of the art gallery “Lavra”: “The exhibition of works by Anatoly Krivolap is always an event for Kyiv. But this exhibition is special. In her, the artist appeals to the origins of Ukrainian spirituality and national identity. It combines historical and cultural heritage and contemporary art. I am sure that the project will become an event not only for Kyiv but also for the whole country. As the director of the municipal gallery Laura, I am proud that it is our space Anatoly Krivolap who chose to present such a large-scale and iconic project. ”

The exhibition will last from June 5 to July 14 from 12.00 to 19.00
Free entrance Lavra Art Gallery
street Lavrskaya, 1. Telephone for information on the work of the exhibition: +380 (44) 280 02 90