An English artist created a fun alphabet


A young artist and illustrator, known under the pseudonym Aitch, impresses with the originality of his paintings. The girl decided that the pictures at all do not bring benefits, so it makes no sense to draw them. That is why she embodied the childhood dream in reality – he created a weird alphabet. Each fruit or vegetable corresponds to the letter of the alphabet.

Strange fantastic creatures began to draw while studying at the University of Art and Design in Timisoara, Romania. This was a way of unusual expression of human anatomy. The artist gives preference to bright, warm tones, images of illustrations are distinguished by elegance, charm and some sort of original charm. The pictures are unusual characters and characters.

In addition to drawing, Aitch is fond of creating handmade leaflets and toys, which also distinguishes the unique style of the artist. The girl’s work can be purchased at various masters fairs and in art shops in Bucharest, Berlin, Hanover, Barcelona or Madrid.