A Danish businessman decorated his vineyards with sculptures of famous craftsmen.


The Danish businessman Allan Warburg has two hobbies – wine and modern art. True, his second hobby appeared after he acquired the plantations of Donum vineyards in California in 2011 and began producing the Pinot Noir wine brand, and drinking a dry drink of his own production, in 2015 he became interested in art. Now, so that his plantations were still looking stunning, Allan decided to decorate them with sculptures from his collection of the most famous modern sculptors.

The park is called “Donum Sculpture Collection”, and here you can see the works of Ay Weiwei, Keith Haring, Louise Bourgeois, Tracy Emin, Jean Wang, Anselm Kiefer, Yayoi Kusama, Yu. Minjun, Subodh Gupta and many other artists. And now the Warburg brand will become even more famous because such events always attract the attention of the press. The businessman explained that he collected the collection according to several criteria.
“I’m a Dane. He lived in China for 29 years. My wife is Chinese, who has lived in Australia for many years. We love to travel, so we want to represent all these cultures. It was important for us that the collection was global. ” According to the winemaker, the selection of sculptures fully reflects his tastes, so he calls the collection “very personal.” The decision to purchase works is made without the participation of any curators, and the Warburg family collects only what they like.

Source: http://art-news.com.ua/datskij-biznesmen-ukrasil-svoi-vinogradniki-skulpturami-izvestnyx-masterov-20225.html
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