A clip about the history of world painting in a minute and a half.


Can we show the history of painting in a minute and a half? Probably not, said earlier. But the media director from China Cao Shu decided to destroy this myth. Media artist with his friends and acquaintances undertook the development of a video, where they demonstrated the development of the art of all nations (synchrony and diachrony, as they say). It is no exaggeration to say that the viewer will see all styles, genres and trends in art: from rock art to pop and comic art; all directions of modernism (for fans of Paul Klee, and for fans of Marc Chagall); masterpieces of Japanese and Chinese masters.
By the way, the animated movie itself is an unusual example of contemporary creativity. Thus, art “flows” into art, only now wearing a new form.
True, there is one remarkable fact: the video was published back in March 2015, and the viewer awarded it with his views only three years later.