Works from the Luxembourg exhibition of Ivan Marchuk can stay forever in the EU.


At the Luxembourgian Cultural Center “Abbaye de Neumünster” on September 7, a retrospective exhibition of one of the most prominent representatives of Ukrainian contemporary art, Ivan Marchuk, opens.

The exhibition entitled “In Search of Truth” will feature over three dozen landscape and abstract compositions that cover five of the twelve creative cycle of the famous artist.

According to the organizers, most of the collection has already been featured in recent years in Lithuania, Germany, Poland and Belgium, and it is extremely enjoyable – the work of Ivan Marchuk is always amazement and enthusiasm among the European public.

The artist Ivan Marchuk said that now in the EU there are more than a hundred of his unique works. There is a high probability that all these priceless canvases that the artist has written during his lifetime can stay forever abroad. The reason for this is the lack of initiative of the Ukrainian authorities to allocate at least some premises in Kiev so that these pictures can be constantly seen by all those who wish. The artist himself is not against leaving them outside of Ukraine, because he is tired of appealing to the Kyiv authorities “roof” for his work. If they do not value theirs, then aliens are only happy to be ready to shelter his artistic creations that are recognized by the world.