One of the American museums is forced to sell the picture of Mark Rothko from his collection


 Mark of Rothko’s Painting “Untitled”, 1960

The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Francisco will sell from its collection a picture of Mark Rothko “Untitled” (1960) to replenish the fund with new works by young authors. The painting will be sold at the Sotheby’s May New York auction. Its preliminary estimate is $ 35-50 million.

In accordance with the rules of the Association of Directors of Art Museums, the proceeds from the sale of paintings can be used only for the purchase of other works in the museum collection. According to the director of the museum, Neil Benzer, the sale of the painting is “aimed at a wide diversification of the collection of SFMOMA, expansion of its modern funds and elimination of gaps in the history of art, to continue to expand the boundaries and introduce new ideas.”

Experts of the auction house, on which the lot will be exhibited, described the canvas as “the most important work, created at the peak of the creative take-off Rothko.” The Museum of Contemporary Art received this work back in 1962 when its leaders were keenly interested in the work of the artist. Since then, it has occupied a significant place in the exposition of abstract expressionism.