A private collector sets the masterpieces of the “golden age” for public access.


The Leiden collection is the largest privately owned, with the works of representatives of the “golden age” of Dutch painting. Today, it has more than 250 paintings and drawings, including Rembrandt, Bruegel, Rubens and Vermeer.

Since 2003, the collection has been collected by American businessman Thomas Kaplan along with his wife Daphne Recanati Kaplan. Rembrandt’s paintings Kaplan admired at a young age. In his eight years, he encouraged his parents to visit Amsterdam, where he lived a great master to see as much as possible the works of the famous painter. Kaplan believed that all works of his favorite age have long been preserved in museums. But when he learned from his friend that the paintings of the artists that he admires from his youth are still available in the market, he was quite surprised. Since then, the businessman collects the work of old masters.

Eleven paintings and two drawings by Rembrandt, as well as ten paintings made in his studio, form the basis of the Leiden collection. Here are other artists from the city of Leiden, whose canvases are characterized by subtle execution and thorough typing of the smallest details.

Tom Kaplan decided to put his collection on the online version so that students and connoisseurs of Rembrandt’s works could evaluate these works. All paintings presented on the site of the Leiden collection are accompanied by scientific descriptions and contain information about the works and their authors.

Source: https://ukraineartnews.com/news/news/privatnij-kolektsioner-podilivsja-shedevrami-zolotogo-stolittja