Born 25.02.1968 in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland. She graduated from the National art school in Wrocław. She is currently living and working in Wrocław as freelance glass artist and gallerist who run her own space Szklo x 100 art gallery. Through the years of experience in glass design, her unique style became highly recognizable. Boża Czok is working in her own artistic technique combining glass design with painting and sculpture. She is working in fusing glass using different types of media like copper, soft metals, and stones to strengthen the message of every artwork. Every artwork is a story about a human. Her art statement is to present human and study of emotions we feel inside of our inner life. To Boża Czok human is a vulnerable and surprisingly strong creature at the same.

INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS: 1995 Horszowscy Auction House, Wroclaw, Poland; 1998 Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; 2000 Piwnica Stańczyka Gallery, Wrocław, Poland; 2010 Agora Culture Center, Wrocław, Poland; 2012 BWA Rzeszów Poland; 2013 The Center of National Heritage Krosno Poland; 2014 Obornic Culture Center, Poland; 2015 Szklo x 100 Gallery, Wrocław, Poland; 2016 Bosa Art Gallery, Wrocław Poland; 2016 ESK ,, Sensual areas” Arsenal Wrocław Poland; 2016 Poray Gallery London England; 2017 Bator Gallery Szczyrk Poland; 2018 And We are after ESK, Museum of architecture Wrocław Poland


1996 17 New Glass Review at Corning Museum of Glass, New York, US