Without the consent of the artist, the exhibition of Ivan Marchuk became a decoration of the clip by Valeriy Meladze.


The “Music on the Canvas” exhibition of the well-known Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk, which took place in August in the Kyiv Center for Contemporary Art, became the stage for Valery Meladze, a Russian singer of Georgian origin, “The Liberty or the Sweet Captivity”.

 A fragment of the exhibition “Music on the canvas” by Ivan Marchuk at the M17 CSM / Photo: Vladimir Stefan for artslooker.com

Only the permission and even the warning about filming a clip on the background of the work of Marchuk, the artist did not receive from representatives Meladze, which, in turn, may be a violation of intellectual property rights. Also on official pages, the singer does not have any information that the video work involved the artwork of the aforementioned author.

The artist himself, having learned that his exposition was clogged in a music clip, was not upset, but at the same time he was embarrassed by the fact that his works were used in filming without any warning.